3 Reasons Solar Cooking Is Good For You and the Environment

The following is a guest post from Blair Nastasi. Thanks for sharing your eco-friendly cooking ideas!

Solar cooking is an eco-friendly alternative to conventional methods of preparing food. Conventional cooking methods use up valuable natural resources and deplete foods of their nutritional value while cooking with the sun’s energy is a more ecological way to eat. Solar cookers can also be used in basically any situation you find yourself. Consider these benefits of solar cooking and learn more about this simple technology.

1) It’s a free energy source. To use a solar cooker, all you have to do is open your door. Solar cookers use the sun’s energy to heat a solar appliance which is used to cook food or boil water. For example, the hot water kettle from Sun Cooking (www.suncookingus.com) allows you to harness sunlight to boil water for tea, coffee or to pasteurize the water for drinking.

You don’t have to pay for electricity or gas every time you want to cook – you just rely on the abundance of sunshine to prepare your meals. Plus, your carbon footprint will be lessened since you’re not using natural resources like natural gas and coal to cook. And every little bit you can do to help save the Earth’s natural resources will have an impact!

2. It can result in healthier cooking. Solar cooking doesn’t use smoke that can contain carcinogens or microwaves that expose your food to potentially dangerous radio waves. When you cook over a campfire, the smoke can irritate your eyes and respiratory system, and open fires present dangers to children.

Plus, when you cook in a solar appliance, the nutrients stay in the food and don’t leach out. That’s because you don’t use water in solar cooking. And, the temperatures in a solar oven are moderate – around 325 F – so nutrients aren’t destroyed during cooking at a high temperature like on a grill or over an open flame.

3. Solar cookers are useful during times of disaster or power outages. A solar cooker can be used at any time of the year, any place in the world. They’re great for family camping trips since they’re lightweight and easy to transport. But solar cookers are also smart to have on hand during disasters. For example, if you experience a power outage due to an ice storm in January, your solar cooker will allow you prepare food until the power is restored. Or, if a severe thunderstorm knocks out power in May, you’ll be ready to cook nutritious meals for your family as well. Solar cookers are small and easy to store so you’ll always have a solar cooker on hand if an emergency arises.

There are many benefits to solar cooking. Not only is it an environmentally friendly way to prepare food, but it produces healthier, more nutritious meals for your family. And, solar cooking appliances can certainly come in handy during times of disaster as well. Learn more today about this easy cooking method and get recipes for your solar cooker at www.suncookingus.com.

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