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What do Tiny Houses and Guitars Have In Common?

Can you imagine living in a tiny house of 300 square feet built on a trailer? If you had asked me that question a year ago I would have said, “That’s crazy!” Yet there is a growing trend of people … Continue reading

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How-To Determine the Electric Load of Your House

The electrical load of the house is the total power consumed per day by all the appliances and electronics in the household. Reducing it means you’ll see energy savings…but how do you figure it out? Continue reading

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Building Green 101

Green building (one of those terms that pains me to even type) was once just a dream. It required a huge financial investment as well as a compromise on design and lifestyle. But green building today is more a reality finding a foundation in suburban subdivisions, condo and loft living, and especially tiny houses, offering the homeowners healthier homes both from the environment and for themselves. Continue reading

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Loving Your Loo (and other tiny house green plumbing tips)

I have spent much time talking about plumbing options, reading up on the subject, looking at “sticks-and-bricks” plumbing as well as RV plumbing options and green plumbing. The only parameters in plumbing a tiny house are truly the ones you place on yourself. Continue reading

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Reduce your footprint. Lose the mortgage.

In 2012 alone some 1,342,489 homes were in a state of foreclosure; default notices, scheduled auctions and bank repossessions. The average foreclosure sales price? $175,872. So what does that mean? That means a number of things the least of them … Continue reading

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Using Reclaimed Lumber In Your Tiny House

If you are thinking of building a tiny house trailer, a micro house, a cabin, or anything other than a McMansion of the new millennium, then chances are you already understand the satisfaction of having something that’s unique. And so … Continue reading

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