What do Tiny Houses and Guitars Have In Common?

tiny-houseCan you imagine living in a tiny house of 300 square feet built on a trailer? If you had asked me that question a year ago I would have said, “That’s crazy!” Yet there is a growing trend of people that think it is a great idea, and I am one of them. It was from Andrew Odom at Tiny r(E)volution that I heard of tiny house design

His vision is based on the fact that the American dream has evolved to the endless pursuit of accumulating “stuff” and the sacrifices we make to acquire things we don’t really need. Letting go of the need to acquire is at the foundation of the tiny trends, and is why Andrew built a 248 square foot home for his family.

So many guitars, so little time.

I used to sell guitars and I had customers with collections of some very beautiful guitars.  Every so often I would ask, “How do you like that new guitar?” One of the more common responses was, “Man, I have been working so much I haven’t had time to play any of them!” While I don’t have a collection of guitars, I do have more than I really need.  It isn’t just guitars that we musicians collect, it’s all of the stuff that goes along with them.


You are probably still wondering what tiny houses and guitars have in common?  So here it is: The guitar represents the problem and tiny houses are the solution.


In order to live tiny you need to start small.

Once in a while I take a mental inventory of what material goods I own and what is really necessary. The underlying principle of the tiny revolution resonates with me deeply and I have often wondered, “If I could only take what would fit in my car, what would I take?” It is amazing to think about how most of our possessions are not necessary.

I am not saying that we should all sell our homes with everything in them and build a tiny house; just that we should take a look at the little things in our lives that we can change. So the next time you are at the store ask yourself, “How is owning this product going to impact me, my family, and the environment?” “Is there any way I can make something I already own fulfill the need?” If you are looking to buy something you will only once you might be able to rent or borrow it.

Hopefully I have inspired you to live your life with a little bit more tiny.  Every little bit helps to make the world a better place.


David Arnold writes for blog.ecofoil.com where he explores creative ideas and projects related to reflective foil insulation. He works to test the theories and consider the various applications for this innovative green building material.

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