Unusual, Sustainable Roofing Materials for the Modern, Eco-Conscious Home

Green Roof

Materials used to maintain homes are becoming increasingly unique with the rise in popularity of sustainable home improvement. Recycled roofing materials are the most unusual yet practical components used to build or update eco-friendly homes. No matter the climate there are sustainable, recycled roofing materials that can be installed to meet household needs.

Unusual Recycled Roofing Materials For the Modern Home

Milk Jugs
High-quality roofing materials can be made from recycled plastic jugs and bottles in place of wood or metal shingles. The plastic shingles are resistant to moisture, chemicals, and harmful bacteria; and can be formed into any shape a homeowner desires. Though it may seem an unusual choice, milk jug roof shingles reduce the need for new materials to be created while reducing plastic waste.

Recycled Tires
For homeowners seeking a roofing material that is sustainable and efficient, shingles made from recycled tires are ideal. These lightweight shingles can withstand harsh winds and better insulate a home. They also possess a Class A fire rating, which makes them perfect for a family home. Aesthetically, recycled tire shingles may seem unusual, but they look like the typical shingles used to roof every other house on the block.

Reclaimed Wood
Rustic-modern homeowners will love this unusual roofing material. Reclaimed wood shingles provide an earthy, grounded appearance to a home. Instead of using reclaimed wood for other housing projects, have it turned into wooden shingles or shakes to upgrade the roof.

Recycled Carpeting
One of the biggest complaints about roofing materials is how heavy they are! Shingles made from recycled carpeting are extremely lightweight and carry the good looks of wood shingles as an additional benefit.

Scrap Metal
Instead of sending scrap aluminum and steel to the junkyard, consider creating metal shingles. These shingles are very durable and will last much longer than the average shingle. Metal roofing materials can be recycled again and again, making them one of the most sustainable, unusual options.

The Most Unusual, Sustainable Roofing Material

Green Roofs
Yes, the above roofing materials are definitely off the beaten path, but the title of ultimate unusual, sustainable roof style goes to the living roof. Living roofs have a layer of vegetation on top of layers consisting of: growing medium, filters, drainage layers, waterproof layers, support, insulation, vapor control, and a layer of structural support. Green living roofs are growing in popularity all around the world, with many contractors specializing in this particular technique. They reduce cooling and heating costs while creating a habitat for wildlife, and in some cases a sustainable garden.

Unusual roofing materials can be quite eccentric, but some are more practical than the materials used in the past.

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Peter Wendt is a writer and researcher living in Austin, Texas. He recommends that readers who wish to know more about finding and hiring Certified Green Roofers check out www.kiddroof.com.

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