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What Really Happens To Your Recycling When You Leave It Out For Collection – Does It Really Do Any Good?

When it comes to being eco-friendly and going green, recycling is one of the most fundamental and aspects with the most participation. While it takes someone quite dedicated to the cause to change their purchasing habits or to install solar … Continue reading

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5 Solar Power Myths Busted!

Anytime something new earns more than a foothold in a lucrative area of business, some kickback occurs. As solar power panels started appearing on homes and businesses around the world, the kickback against solar power showed up in the form … Continue reading

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Insulation. Hazardous to Your Health?

Is Your Insulation Hazardous to Your Health? For all of you do-it-yourselfers out there who are planning project that requires insulation, you might want to think carefully about your options. When I finished my basement last year I just went … Continue reading

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Unusual, Sustainable Roofing Materials for the Modern, Eco-Conscious Home

Materials used to maintain homes are becoming increasingly unique with the rise in popularity of sustainable home improvement. Recycled roofing materials are the most unusual yet practical components used to build or update eco-friendly homes. No matter the climate there … Continue reading

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Are You Ready To Convert Your Home To An Energy-Efficient Power House?

Many photovoltaic Solar PV customers are keen on solar powering their homes because they appreciate that solar power can positively impact the environment and offer them many benefits. Solar photovoltaic (PV) systems are not for the most part difficult to … Continue reading

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